Terms & Conditions for WEEKEND SAT

Please accept the following terms and conditions for our SAT Prep program. These rules are strictly enforced for the benefit of each of our students.

*** These Terms and Conditions are specifically applicable for SAT/PSAT enrollments only and not for the Free Diagnostic Test

Fee Structure:

- Total program fees must be paid in full within the first three months of the program. First payment of 50%, second payment of 25%, third payment of 25%.

- A non-negotiable $20 late payment fee will be issued to ALL invoices not paid on time.

- If a student cancels their spot after approval, but before class sessions begin, there will be a $100 cancellation fee.

- If a student cancels their spot after the first week of class sessions, they will be charged the $100 cancellation fee + the cost of their first two sessions.

- If a student wants to cancel their spot after the first two weeks of classes, there is NO REFUND available. They have the option to take a break and join a later batch.


*** RCC requires your payment details to be added to our system and process the payment on a maximum two installment basis. Enrollment in our SAT programs authorizes us to charge you for the tuition fees for that program. Once paid, the tuition fees will not be refunded. Although, you may opt for enrolling in another program, and the fees will be adjusted accordingly.

Absence policy:

Student can view the videos of the missed classes on MyPortal. If he/she want to watch video multiple times, he/she can submit request on MyPortal. to receive the recording to any classes they have missed

Ramana Coaching Center has the right to cancel SAT Enrollment if a student:

- Disrupts classroom operations

- Disrespects teacher and/or peers

- Is caught cheating

- Has missed too many sessions

Media and Photo Release

RCC is hereby requesting your full permission, authorization and consent to use your child's image and likeness in RCC videos, website, flyers and other promotional materials and by signing this form you are providing RCC with the aforementioned consent for use and understand neither you or your children will be paid as a result of your full permission, authorization and consent.