Our Comprehensive Digital PSAT/NMSQT Guide

We understand the importance of supplying informative content to help you excel on the PSAT. By giving this breakdown of the PSAT testing points, we aim to help parents and students understand the critical focus areas and prepare effectively for the exam.

We provide thorough guidelines and essential information about the digital PSAT scoring system and the esteemed National Merit Scholarship Qualification Test(NMSQT).

Test Format:

The Digital PSAT encompasses 2 hours and 14 minutes, consisting of two main sections: Reading/Writing (Combined) and Math. Each section of the test includes two modules of equal length. It is worth mentioning that the digital PSAT format mirrors that of the digital SAT.

The examination begins with Module 1 of the Reading and Writing Section. For module 1, you will have 32 minutes to answer 27 questions. Within this timeframe, students have the flexibility to navigate between different questions within Module 1, but they cannot move on to Module 2 until the 32 minutes have concluded.

Upon completing Module 1, students continue to Module 2. Students have another 32 minutes to answer 27 questions. Similarly, they can have the flexibility to navigate between questions in Module 2 during this duration, but they cannot return to Module 1 or continue to the Math section before its conclusion.

Note: After completing section 1 for Reading and Writing, students receive a 10-minute break before they begin Section 2 for Math.

Fee Details:

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Disclaimer: Branch may opt to add additional fee due to location specific expenses. Your final fee amount may slightly vary.

Calculators for the Math Section:

During the Math section of the digital PSAT, students have the convenience of using the built-in graphing calculator provided by the Bluebook App. However, students can also bring their own approved calculator if they prefer. To ensure you have the correct calculator, consult the College Board’s website for a list of approved calculators for the digital PSAT.

PSAT Registration:

Participating schools administer the PSAT. To register, students should reach out to their respective school counselors.

Scoring and National Merit Selection Index:

The PSAT/NMSQT is on a 1520-point scale, with each section yielding between 160 and 760. Combining the two section scores, students obtain a total score ranging from 320 to 1520.

In addition to knowing your total PSAT/NMSQT score, you will discover if you have achieved the entry requirements for the highly regarded National Merit Scholarship program. Participation in this program opens doors to significant financial assistance and esteemed merit scholarship opportunities for college.

To explore further details, visit National Merit Scholarship Corporation’s website.

Computer Adaptive Testing:

Like the digital SAT, the digital PSAT is an adaptive test. But how does it work? Let us have a closer look. Module 1 features a combination of easy, medium, and complex questions with an average level of difficulty. However, in Module 2, the intermediate difficulty level depends on the student’s performance in Module 1.

If students perform well in Module 1, they will meet tough questions in Module 2. On the other hand, if their Module 1 performance is weaker, they will face fewer tough questions in Module 2.

Preparing for the Digital PSAT:

At Ramana Coaching Center, we understand the importance of thorough preparation for the PSAT, particularly for those students aspiring to achieve National Merit recognition.

To excel in the digital PSAT, it is highly recommended for test takers to undergo several full-length practice tests. Currently, we offer comprehensive practice tests designed for the digital PSAT only, allowing students to become acquainted with the format and adapt to its unique features. Taking practice tests has consistently proven substantial growth in student performance.

We are committed to assist students in their digital PSAT journey by offering a five-month full-length program. Our computerized practice tests supply valuable insights into performance analysis, ensuring students receive detailed answer explanations. If you have any questions about the PSAT/NMSQT, contact our dedicated team of professionals.