We're changing the world, and enjoying every minute of it.

Make a difference! Life is always rewarding when you give youth the tools, they need to take on the world! Helping a young person achieve his or her potential brings tremendous satisfaction.

Ramana Coaching Center (RCC) goes beyond tutoring to help students reach their learning potential, not just for one grade or one year, but for a lifetime. Our unique programs teach children to learn how to learn. Just one to two hours per week can make a world of difference in developing the right skills and habits to succeed, no matter the grade level.

Employees Testimonials

Navnita Bharde

It has always been my passion to work for an educational institution towards children's success, and Ramana Coaching Center was the right company for me to continue my passion and grow along with its success.

I love how much I have learned in a short amount of time. I have learned that having a supportive and knowledgeable manager is key to one's growth, and an amazing group of teammates to work with makes every day a breeze. Overall, Ramana Coaching Center is a company that encourages cooperation with others, self-improvement, and personal growth.

Ms. Navnita Bharde

Executive Manager

Indira Pothapragada

I am Indira Chavali, Sales Manager for Ramana Coaching Center. My journey from being an Administrative Assistant to Sales Manager has been an enriching one and truly humbling. After joining RCC, I realized this is where I always wanted to be as the institute and me share the same dream of benefiting students in a very organic way. Being a parent and SAT PREP ADVISOR, I got to do that in the maximum possible way by connecting with parents and students on a one on one basis and thriving on the fact that the services we provide with respect to tutoring and counselling are among the best.
To summarize my experience with RCC I would like to say and highly recommend this is the place where students and staff ought to be.

Ms. Indira Pothapragada

Sales Manager

Sarita Kumari

I have had the pleasure of working at RCC. I started as a contractor at RCC and got a full-time opportunity working with the company, doing something I enjoy, and progressing my career professionally and personally. As a branch manager, I oversee the branch office, employees, and interact with the customers.

RCC is more than a job for me. It's a place, where I enjoy working with the happiness of colleagues, Boss, and the students. I love the stability this job provides to me.

Ms. Sarita Kumari

South Charlotte, NC - Branch Manager

Mala Jayasheelan

I am glad to share that I have been associated with RCC for more than 1 year, All the Team members are very supportive and helpful they have seen my potential and encouraged me to develop it by trusting me with increasing responsibility.

My Favorite thing about working at RCC is the incredible opportunity the company has given me for growth and Advancement. I've been with the company for almost 2 years, and I have had tremendous personal and professional growth during this time. There is always something challenging happening and every day is filled with new learning opportunities.

Ms. Mala Jayasheelan

Cumming, GA - Branch Manager

Snehalatha Isaraddi

Coming from a family of teachers, I joined RCC as I'm passionate about education. RCC gives me the freedom to reach out to people in enhancing their education and their experience of learning. RCC has a group of employees who are talented in their own way, making it a fun group to work and enjoy.
As a branch manager I couldn't have agreed more with their ideas, where we are allowed to share our thoughts and grow together.

Ms. Snehalata Isaraddi

Dallas, TX - Branch Manager

Prasida Ganagam
Ms. Prasida Ganagam

Cary, NC - Branch Manager

Vanitha Gogineni

I love to see students grow and help them achieve their full academic potential.

Ms. Vanitha Gogineni

North Charlotte, NC - Asst. Branch Manager

Sonali Trivedi

Here at Ramana, I see one common goal of all the staff and that is to devote themselves for the progressive academic growth and development of the student.
I feel fortunate to be a part of this team.

Ms. Sonali Trivedi

North Charlotte, NC - Asst. Branch Manager

Vandana Nevrekar

The most important thing that attracted me to be a part of this Institute was the fact that we play a role in helping young students achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. Ramana Coaching Center is a place where there is a sense of purpose in what you do. Our team consists of incredible group of passionate people from diverse backgrounds. This has given me a lot of confidence in achieving my goals towards helping the company grow and ensuring that the students gain maximum out of our programs. Our team is open to ideas, and this helps us keep a very inclusive and positive atmosphere at the workplace. The company fully recognizes the fact that nobody is a perfect fit to any role. The priority is to just have the will to work and the will to learn if you possess this attitude you already are a perfect fit to become a team member at Ramana Coaching Centre.

I am glad to be a part of the Mission at Ramana Coaching Center which is "Provide superior education at an affordable price".

Ms. Vandana Nevrekar

Woodbridge, NJ - Asst. Branch Manager

Esthela Dominguez

In my time working for RCC, I've seen all my colleagues strive to do everything they can to help those students succeed. Their passion for higher education is evident in everything they do, and I couldn't be prouder to be part of the team! As the Marketing Lead, I put on display all the programs RCC has to offer and share all the ground-breaking work they've done to serve their communities.
I'm not only working in what I love; I'm preparing students to take that next step towards bettering their education with every time they interact with my marketing efforts!

Ms. Esthela Dominguez

Marketing Lead

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