Diagnostic Test

At Ramana Coaching Center, the Diagnostic Test is administered on the first day of the SAT Prep, to precisely assess each student's current level of preparation and identify their strengths and areas for improvement. This diagnostic test serves as a valuable starting point of the Program.

Key Aspects of Diagnostic Test:

  • Assessment of Current Proficiency:

    The diagnostic test provides a snapshot of the student's current proficiency in various SAT sections, including Math & ELA.

  • Customized Analytic Report:

    Following the Diagnostic Test, Students will receive their Personalized Analytical Report which can be accessed from both Parent’s & Student’s Portal.

  • Setting Baseline Scores:

    The diagnostic test establishes baseline scores, enabling students to track progress throughout the program. This will help them measure the effectiveness of the SAT preparation.

Fee Details:

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Disclaimer: Branch may opt to add additional fee due to location specific expenses. Your final fee amount may slightly vary.

By conducting a diagnostic test on the first day, Ramana Coaching Center aims to provide a thorough understanding of each student's starting point, fostering a more effective and efficient SAT preparation journey over the subsequent weekends. Feel free to contact nearby locations for possible discounts and register for our SAT prep program.