By the Numbers*

Whether students are seeking to increase their diagnostic score by a certain number of points or aiming for a specific final score, our goal is to help them reach their personal goals. We have gathered numbers and insights from our recent SAT/ACT Prep students to provide a bird's-eye view of their performance.

At a Glance


Average Diagnostic Score


Average SAT Score *


Average Improvement (by points) *

* Numbers are rounded accordingly.

2022 - 2023 High Scores

Student (by School) Diagnostic Score SAT/ACT Score ** Improvement (by points) Accolades
Cox Mill High School 1180 1510 +330
Bradford Preparatory School 1210 1560 +350
Marvin Ridge High School 1290 1510 +220
Providence High School 1310 1510 +200
Marvin Ridge High 1130 1540 +410
Ardrey Kell High School 1050 1520 +470
Providence High School 1170 1470 +300
Ardrey Kell High School 1120 1470 +350
Ardrey Kell High School 1190 1440 +250
Ardrey Kell High School 990 1490 +500
Mallard Creek High School 1000 1540 +540
Northwest Cabarrus High School 1140 1430 +290
Statesville High 1100 1470 +370
** Shows the highest test score reported. NCSSM = North Carolina School of Science and Math

Colleges / Universities

Securing a high SAT or ACT test score is great, but if it is not supplemented by student extracurricular involvement, then it may not carry as much weight as you may believe. Colleges and universities are especially attracted to students who can successfully balance academic excellence with personal and professional growth activities such as athletics, professional organizations, cultural enrichment and volunteering. Some of our well-rounded, former RCC students have attended the institutions of higher learning below.

*Statistics shown are based on 2017 - 2019 RCC students who have reported their final test scores and who have scored a 1400 or higher. Former students who would like to be featured should email a screenshot of their final test scores, along with any accolades you wish to share, to