Our Stay-Ahead program provides interactive sessions in ELA and Math tutoring for middle school and high school students to help them stay on track.

Stay Ahead (1:2) Tutoring

The Stay Ahead (1:2) initiative offers engaging sessions in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics tailored for middle school students (Grade 6 to 8), aimed at keeping them ahead in their studies. Our proficient team of Stay Ahead tutors utilizes effective strategies, including advanced problem-solving methods, to equip students for exams and assessments, enabling them to excel academically.

Stay Ahead Me & My Buddy Tutoring

Me and My Buddy program provides affordable tutoring sessions in both English Language Arts (ELA) and Math for a student and his/her friend. This program allows both participants to enjoy the advantages of a 60-minute combined session, including instruction and practice time.

Stay Ahead Elite Tutoring

Our Stay Ahead Elite program provides personalized tutoring in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics, catering to high school students. Additionally, we extend this support to middle school students enrolled in high school-level courses or for those seeking individualized tutoring. Our skilled team of Stay-Ahead tutors employs effective strategies, which encompass advanced problem-solving techniques, to prepare students for exams and assessments. This approach aims to empower them academically, fostering an environment where they can excel.

Program Highlights

  • Live interactive instructor led sessions through an online platform.
  • Educators with substantial expertise in teaching both middle & high school students.
  • We follow Common Core Curriculum to meet student’s specific grade level needs.
  • Stay-Ahead 1:2 program offer (ratio of 1 teacher to 2 students) each student will receive 30 minutes of instructional guidance and an additional 30 minutes for individual practice.
  • Stay-Ahead Elite tutoring program provides students with uninterrupted 60 -minute sessions with their teacher on a one-on-one basis.
  • Stay-Ahead “Me & My Buddy” program provides both students 60 min sessions alongside the instructor.
  • Monitoring and tracking student’s progress and development over time. Following each session, teachers send students’ progress reports of topics covered during each class to their parents.
  • Unrestricted access to homework resources at all hours, around the clock.
  • Outstanding administrative support is provided to facilitate class scheduling, cancellations, and makeup sessions.

At Ramana Coaching Center, our focus is on providing exceptional Math and ELA tutoring for middle & high school students who want to excel. Our tutoring services are available at seven different locations: