Stay-Ahead Mathematics

Importance of Mathematics

Grants students access to more than half of the current job market.

More than half of today’s job market rely heavily on a strong mathematical foundation. Additionally, the vast majority of university degrees require taking mathematics courses. Students who choose to ignore mathematics, or not take it seriously in high school, forfeit many future career opportunities.

Academic degrees in the following areas require a strong foundation in mathematics:

  • Physical Sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Engineering)
  • Life and Health Sciences (Biology, Psychology, Pharmacy, Nursing, Optometry)
  • Social Sciences (Anthropology, Communications, Economics, Linguistics, Education, Geography)
  • Technological Sciences (Computer Science, Networking, Software Development)
  • Business and Commerce
  • Actuarial Science (used by insurance companies)
  • Medicine

Examples of mathematics in career fields:

  • Algebra: Computer Science, Cryptology, Networking, study of symmetry in Chemistry and Physics
  • Calculus: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Engineering, Hydrodynamics, Rocket Science, molecular structure, option price modeling in Business and Economics models, and more.

Students’ knowledge of mathematics has a strong bearing on college entrance and success during their first year of college.

Research has shown that students with low math scores, or who choose to skip high school math, have a difficult time progressing in their college majors. We strongly encourage students to take high school mathematics and score at least a B to perform reasonably well in college math.

Tutoring Courses

We tutor middle and high school students in the following subjects:

Most high school mathematics classes do not involve high precision calculations. We strongly believe that calculator usage during students’ middle and high school years is very detrimental to their mathematical skills development. Instead, we teach students how to calculate on their own quickly and easily. As a result, we do not allow calculator use in our classes.

Program Highlights

  • Instill number sense. At every opportunity, we explain to students how to perform calculations easily and quickly.
  • Instill key data observational skills. In the current fast-paced world, key data observational skills help us to quickly solve problems within limited amounts of time.
  • Build self-confidence to tackle any complex math problem.