SAT Prep

At Ramana Coaching Center (RCC), we offer a unique SAT Prep program that is proven based on our accepted premises that "Hard work always pays off" and "Practice makes perfect". Whether delivered in-person or online, each program is taught by expert teachers and managed by dedicated staff. Every week, we monitor students progress and tweak the program to best suit their needs. We are proud to share that many of our former students are currently studying at top-ranked universities, including UNC Chapel Hill, NC State University, Georgia Tech, Columbia, Virginia Tech and NYU.

Program Highlights

In-person and Online

  • In-person and online (via WebEx) classes allow remote and local students to engage in the learning experience together
  • Students can request a class recording of any missed class and catch up at their convenience

Three-phase Approach

  • Learning Phase (30%) Review of all math and English concepts
  • Practice Phase (50%) Practice tests are reviewed immediately after every test
  • Full Length Testing Phase (20%) Actual testing environment is simulated in all practice tests

Rigorous preparation

  • Class is held for four hours every Saturday and Sunday over six months

Lots of practice

  • Approximately 15 practice tests
  • Weekly math quiz helps students memorize key concepts and formulas
  • Exposure to a wide variety of questions helps students overcome test anxiety
  • MyPortal access to 290 math quiz practice questions that test students' skills and comprehension
  • MyPortal access to 1000 math and 400 grammar practice questions and answers

Analytics can be produced after every practice test to see what your weak areas are

  • On Myportal, Parents/Students can create analytical reports after every practice test to identify the weak areas
  • Students can practice tailor made questions for every identified wear area

Easy progress tracking

  • Parents have freedom to monitor their student's activity, practice tests scores and improvement through their own MyPortal account
  • Students can track their progress from test to test

All classes are recorded

  • On Myportal, Students can watch the video of the class one more time if they want to
  • Students who missed a class can find videos of the classes they missed and get caught up

Additional benefits

  • SAT English classes are taught by experienced high school English teachers
  • SAT Math classes are taught by Ramana
  • Our skills-based approach to teaching concepts prepares students for both SAT and ACT testing
  • Click HERE to register for the College Board SAT test. You will be redirected to the College Board Website.

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