Intensive Summer SAT Prep

Our Intensive Summer SAT Prep is for students looking for a fast and effective way to prepare for the SAT in a limited time during summer. Simply studying regularly or using workbooks may not be enough to achieve the best scores on the SAT. That is why we offer SAT prep tutoring, which includes expert guidance, study materials, and the tools necessary for students to excel and achieve high scores. This program is a great fit for upcoming high school seniors who have taken the SAT before but didn't reach their target scores, as well as those who haven't had a chance to take the test yet.

Course Overview

We ensure that experienced instructors will be available to you, enabling you to make the most of your summer break.

  • Students are prepared to take the August College Board SAT test
  • Class is held Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. from June - August

Schedule & Registration

To enroll, please create a parent and student account on  MyPortal. and add the "Intensive Summer SAT Prep" program in your registration.

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