Why You Should Study Abroad

by Rachel Coston


We all hear the same bullet points at college orientation about activities to do and clubs to join. Sometimes study abroad gets mushed in there between drama club and inter-mural soccer, but no one ever pushes it. So study abroad is only for young undergrad students with money to splurge right? No, this is not true. Here are all the different ways that you can study or volunteer abroad: undergraduate program (semester, year, or summer), graduate program (one to two-year), teach English, volunteer, au pair, intern, and MANY MORE!

Now that you know a few different ways you can go abroad you might be asking: Why should I? What will I get out of it? The quick answer is that you will get everything out of it. You will experience different cultures, become more independent, make international connections, and so much more.

College can be the perfect opportunity to make friends and memories that will last a lifetime. And just as you would do at your home campus, you will, of course, make tons of friends and memories abroad. Finding other students who have similar interests to you is simpler than you would think. With your international friendships, you can begin to make memories that will stay with you for years to come.

Studying abroad can make you feel completely independent in an otherwise strange environment. When you are all on your own in a foreign country, you may learn to adapt to the world around you and make decisions for yourself.

If money is an issue, don’t give up on going abroad just yet. There are plenty of scholarships for all types of study abroad programs. Want to teach abroad after you graduate? Schools in countries like China, Thailand, and South Korea provide free housing and free airfare for teachers. Qualify for financial aid while in school? Use this for study abroad as well.

Now is the perfect time to go, and don’t hold back. Meet someone new, learn about a new city, and soak up their culture. Study abroad as often and as much as you can. You can study for a semester during undergrad and then get your graduate degree abroad. Still aching to travel? Then teach English abroad or become an au pair. There are so many opportunities to go abroad no matter your age, educational level, or financial status. Go explore the far corners of the Earth. You never know until you go.