Forward Thinkers Academic Summer Camp

*** Update 7/7/2018: Our summer camp has been cancelled for this year. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. ***


Our new Forward Thinkers Academic Summer Camp focuses on helping middle and high school students further develop their math and English Language Arts (ELA). Aligned with the Common Core Standards for Mathematics and English, our summer curriculum will enhance and broaden students’ understanding of core concepts learned during the school year. Additionally, camp projects and challenges will provide fun opportunities for teamwork and confidence-building activities.



  1. To help academically motivated students get “ahead of the curve” through instruction, cross-disciplinary application, and team interaction.
  2. To develop students into more confident and proactive thinkers and doers.




Our summer camp is open to students currently in grades 6 – 10 during the 2018 – 2019 school year. Students must demonstrate an interest in advanced learning and creative problem-solving in math and English. Students will need to be able to work both independently and in groups. Each student will complete a pre- and post-assessment on the first and last day of camp, respectively.




Using Common Core standards, our curriculum and activities will primarily focus on preparing high schoolers and middle schoolers for college and high school, respectively. High school campers will engage in instruction and activities that prepare them for freshman prerequisite courses, SAT testing, and STEAM career readiness. Middle school campers will engage in instruction and activities that prepare them for high school Math and English, Pre-SAT testing and STEAM career readiness.


Focus Subjects

  • Math I
  • Critical Reading
  • English Language Arts


Last Day & Post-Camp

At the end of camp, students will present their projects and findings, take a post-assessment questionnaire to gauge their level of growth, and receive a certificate of completion. Using the post-assessments, we will make recommendations for enrolling students in our SAT/ACT Prep and/or Stay-Ahead Tutoring programs.




The total cost is $600. This cost includes all course materials. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due upon registration. The remainder is due after the first week of camp.