Several reasons you should consider Ramana's SAT prep:

  1. SAT English classes are taught by experienced High School English Teachers
  2. SAT Math classes are taught by Ramana.
  3. Three phased approach
    1. Learning Phase – Reviewing of all concepts including Math, English
    2. Practice Tests Phase – Practice test are reviewed right after every test in the class
    3. Full Length Test Phase - Actual testing conditions are simulated in all the practice tests
  4. Rigorous preparation
    1. 6 months
    2. Every Saturday and Sunday – 4 Hours each session
    3. Convenience of attending the class online via webex if for some reason, student cannot attend in-person. Students from other cities (other than Charlotte, NC) attend class via Webex.
    4. Students can request a class recording of the class that they cannot attend.
  5. Approx. 15 practice tests
    1. Exposure to wide variety of questions
    2. Help overcome test anxiety because of several practice tests
  6. Weekly math quiz practice to help students memorize the concepts and formulas
  7. Score tracking via myportal website.
    1. Parent can monitor their child’s activity, track practice tests scores and check scores’ improvement
    2. Students can practice 290 Math Quiz questions that tests not only their skills but also tests the comprehensive understanding of those skills
    3. Students can practice 1000 Math Questions and verify their answers online on myportal
    4. Students can track their progress from test to test
  8. Affordable per fee
    1. $12.50 per hour
    2. $2500 for Approx. 200 hours of prep
  9. The same Prep would be useful for ACT as well.
  10. Proven program. please do check the Google Reviews written by happy students and their parents

Stay-Ahead™ Reading

  • Novice (6th Grade)
  • Intermediate (7th Grade)
  • Proficient (8th Grade)
  • Advanced (9th Grade)
  • Superior (10th Grade)

Stay-Ahead™ Writing

  • Novice (6th Grade)
  • Intermediate (7th Grade)
  • Proficient (8th Grade)
  • Advanced (9th Grade)
  • Superior (10th Grade)

Stay-Ahead™ Mathematics

  • Mathematics Core
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry

Standardized Tests

  • SAT
  • PSAT
  • DukeTIP SAT
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