SAT preparation involves learning and mastering several concepts from the subjects that you might have already studied in your school.

  • Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Geometry for the math section
  • Vocabulary in context, Literal comprehension and Extended reasoning skills for Critical reading section
  • English grammar and good English essay writing skills for writing section

Mathematics section syllabus

Number and operations questions 
    • Arithmetic word problems (including percent, ratio, and proportion) 
    • Properties of integers (even, odd, prime numbers, divisibility, and so forth) 
    • Rational numbers 
    • Sets (union, intersection, elements) 
    • Counting techniques 
    • Sequences and series (including exponential growth) 
    • Elementary number theory
Algebra and functions questions
    • Substitution and simplifying algebraic expressions 
    • Properties of exponents 
    • Algebraic word problems 
    • Solutions of linear equations and inequalities 
    • Systems of equations and inequalities 
    • Quadratic equations 
    • Rational and radical equations 
    • Equations of lines 
    • Absolute value 
    • Direct and inverse variation 
    • Concepts of algebraic functions 
    • Newly defined symbols based on commonly used operations
Geometry and measurement questions
    • Area and perimeter of a polygon 
    • Area and circumference of a circle 
    • Volume of a box, cube, and cylinder 
    • Pythagorean theorem and special properties of isosceles, equilateral, and right triangles 
    • Properties of parallel and perpendicular lines 
    • Coordinate geometry 
    • Geometric visualization 
    • Slope 
    • Similarity 
    • Transformations
Data analysis, statistics, and probability questions
    • Data interpretation (tables and graphs) 
    • Descriptive statistics (mean, median, and mode) 
    • Probability 

Stay-Ahead™ Reading

  • Novice (6th Grade)
  • Intermediate (7th Grade)
  • Proficient (8th Grade)
  • Advanced (9th Grade)
  • Superior (10th Grade)

Stay-Ahead™ Writing

  • Novice (6th Grade)
  • Intermediate (7th Grade)
  • Proficient (8th Grade)
  • Advanced (9th Grade)
  • Superior (10th Grade)

Stay-Ahead™ Mathematics

  • Mathematics Core
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry

Standardized Tests

  • SAT
  • PSAT
  • DukeTIP SAT
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