Score Choice Vs Super Scoring

This is a very typical question that most of the students have during their multiple SAT/ACT test attempts.

Here is a clarification in simple terms.

Score Choice

Recently, the College Board introduced the option for Score Choice for all students taking the SAT and SAT II exams. Score choice gives students the opportunity to pick and choose the specific test dates for which they want to submit their SAT scores.

à For example, if a student took an SAT in January, May, and June, but only wants to submit his/her scores from January and May, she can.

Similarly with SAT II exams, students can pick scores from individual exams to submit. For example, if a student took the US History, Math Level 1, and Physics in June and then took the Math Level 1 again in addition to the Literature in October, he/she can pick US History, Physics, and Math Level 1 (October) to submit to his/her colleges and they’ll never know his/her scores from the other exams OR that he/she even took them.

However, individual colleges have their own policies about Score Choice and how they will use the scores that you submit. For instance, some schools require that you send ALL scores from ALL test dates while other schools have embraced the score choice policy. Before banking on using Score Choice, you may want to want to check the policies of the schools you’re considering.

The ACT has always been a Score Choice test and you can take the test as many times as you want and then can pick the specific test dates for which you want to send scores. The great news about the ACT is that schools are now allowing you to super score it! But what is super scoring? Let me make it simple for you.

Super scoring

Super scoring comes into picture only when you have taken test multiple times and would want to pick the highest scores of individual sections from multiple tests to have better overall score.

  • January: Reading-620, Math-670, Writing-770
  • March: Reading-550, Math-790, Writing-620

You would then take the highest SECTION scores to make your super score: Reading: 620, Math-790, Writing-770.

This is very beneficial for students because it allows them to focus on specific sections for each test date. Schools never allowed students to super score the SAT, but just approved it last year when the policy was added to the Common App. Some schools, however, do NOT allow you to super score, so you may want to check the policies of specific school on this issue.