SAT/ACT Prep Approach

Our approach rests on the following key fundamental beliefs, which have been consistently proven to help our students excel: “Hard work always pays off,” and “Practice makes perfect.” Keeping these two beliefs close to our heart, we follow the 30 – 60 – 10™ model in every course and program we design and teach. We organize all of our standardized test prep coaching into three phases:


Learning Phase (30%)

During the learning phase, we build students’ core subject knowledge by teaching and revising all required concepts. We will also clarify confusions and build a solid understanding of all concepts through focused exercises.


Practice Phase (60%)

During the practice phase, we build students’ confidence through a series of practice tests. Immediately following each test, we grade their answers and collectively review challenging questions to help students recognize their mistakes and close their knowledge gaps. As students take each test and understand their mistakes, they become gradually exposed to various question formats and understand how to confidently tackle them. By the conclusion of the practice phase, students are fully equipped with the knowledge and understanding to avoid their previous mistakes. In other words, we train them to have an “eagle eye” that catches the key details of each question, allowing them to correctly solve the problem at hand.


Triumph Phase (10%)

During the triumph/test phase, students build stamina and resilience to sit for long hours while maintaining crystal clear focus.