Our Approach

Our approach rests on the two (below mentioned) key fundamental beliefs which are proven again and again from time to time.

  • Hard work ultimately always pays off
  • Practice makes perfect

Keeping the above two beliefs close to our heart, we follow 30 – 60 – 10™ model in every course and program we design and teach.We organize any standardized test prep coaching into three phases.

  • Learning phase (30%)
  • Practice phase (60%)
  • Triumph phase (10%)

During the learning phase, we build the subject knowledge core for all the students by teaching, revising all the required concepts. We will also clarify confusions and build a solid understanding of all concepts with focused exercises.

During the practice phase, we make the students take several practice tests, we grade them, we provide comprehensive review for every question of every test to help students realize their mistakes and close any knowledge gaps. As the student takes each test and understands his/her mistakes, over the time, he/she should have exposed to numerous types of questions and also know how to tackle them confidently. We build their confidence during this phase. By this time, Students are equipped with all the required knowledge and also would have made all the possible mistakes they could possibly have done and learnt from them. By the end, they have developed, what we can call as, an eagle eye that catch all the key details and solve the problem at hand correctly.

During the triumph phase, students will build the required resilience to sit for long hours and still be able to keep the same focus.

Stay-Ahead™ Reading

  • Novice (6th Grade)
  • Intermediate (7th Grade)
  • Proficient (8th Grade)
  • Advanced (9th Grade)
  • Superior (10th Grade)

Stay-Ahead™ Writing

  • Novice (6th Grade)
  • Intermediate (7th Grade)
  • Proficient (8th Grade)
  • Advanced (9th Grade)
  • Superior (10th Grade)

Stay-Ahead™ Mathematics

  • Mathematics Core
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry

Standardized Tests

  • SAT
  • PSAT
  • DukeTIP SAT
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