Pick up a book

by Rachel Coston


Reading a good fiction book can transport you to a world where you direct the scenes as the plot develops. When you read a book about dragons you can envision them right before your eyes. You can use your imagination to form characters as you read about them. Reading can be fun and a great way to enhance your intellectual mind.

Reading for pleasure has been shown to: increase willingness to learn, increase vocabulary and grammatical skills, enhance social skills, help cognitive development, reduce stress, and improve overall health.

While reading a book on historical events, or an American classic like Pride & Prejudice can be beneficial. It is just as valuable to read the latest vampire or romance novel. When you find a book that really captivates you it’s hard to put it down. Every turn of the page is like the start of a new episode of your favorite show. But with a book you can envision the scenes and characters all on your own.

A study conducted by BOP Consulting and the Peter Sowerby Foundation has found that reading for pleasure is the best thing you can do for your health. Reading for fun can improve empathy and an understanding of our identities, which can help with social relationships. When you read about the culture in China, for example, you are given a new insight of the world and a culture different than your own.

According to the study, your physical health can be enhanced by reading for pleasure as well. Various illnesses can be improved by reading, including dementia and depression. It seems that your memory and sense of well-being are better off when you pick up a book. Your mood stabilizes and allows you to focus on the story you are reading.

After all the evidence provided why wouldn’t you want to read a book of your choice? When you can read anything from science fiction to romance while improving your overall health and well-being, why wouldn’t you? Go pick up a book today, and your future self will thank you.