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Spelling Bees & Geography Bees – Elementary Grades – 2nd to 5th

Math Club – Elementary Grades – 2nd to 5th

Math Club – Middle School Grades – 6th to 8th


Program Descriptions:

Spelling Bee: The Spelling Bee promotes the love of language and vocabulary, thus helping in improving reading comprehension. We read books from the 2020 Great Words, Great Works reading list, which has been given a “Bee” rating based on the challenge the book will likely provide to the reader. The Scripps National Spelling Bee selects Great Words, Great Works titles annually for the richness of their vocabulary. All words on the 2020 School Spelling Bee Study List may be found in the pages of these books. We practice and play games to memorize the word lists.

Geography Bee: It’s all about knowing the planet we live on. The locations of countries, states, major waterways, physical features, and other geographic wonders are the subject of this event. Students will know in-depth information about other countries of the world, human geography, physical geography, economic geography and political geography. The National Geographic Bee is run on five different levels: classroom, school, state qualification test, state and then national level. We use study tools such as interactive flashcards, tests, and study games to practice.

Math Club: This is for students who have a strong interest in mathematics. It’s all about developing problem-solving strategies and critical thinking skills in a group setting. Students are engaged, encouraged and will be guided towards participating in competitive math events. This should help in creative problem-solving and giving practice in higher-order thinking. All of this helps students excel at their grade level math and gives them the confidence to take advanced- level math courses at school.