After School Program

Dynamic Kids After School Program

The Dynamic Kids After School Program incorporates academic and enrichment activities into your child’s afternoon.  All activities encompass one or more of our four core components:  Education, Character & Leadership, Cultural Development and Life Skills.


Our Program

Brain Storm (Homework Help)

All Core Subjects:
Social Studies


The Art of Storytelling

Brings exciting exploration of culture and creativity to classroom

Introduces children to variety of art forms and modes of expression

Allows students to creatively express themselves through writing via creative writing book club

Students will learn how to develop main idea, characters, story line, plot plus create a short story

At the conclusion of class, students will have the opportunity to publish their work




Literacy Leads

Reading stories together is most impactful to a child’s development.

This expressive reading club allows students to learn to read both aloud and fluently

Develops public speaking skills

Students will read assigned books, memorize lines and then perform various scenes from the book in a short play or spoken word contest

Students will also read books independently and make connections between the stories and their own lives

Participation brings exciting exploration of culture and creativity to classroom