Advantages to Dorm Life

by Rachel Coston

When beginning college there are tons of decisions that need to be made by each student. One of the most important being where you live. Should you choose to live on campus or off campus? This is a big question college students everywhere have to decide. Some universities give students the option of living on campus while others make it mandatory.

A few universities that require freshmen live on campus are: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Virginia, College of William and Mary, and Appalachian State.

You might be asking why a university would require this? It’s due to the number of benefits found from first-year students living in the dorms. Students have a chance to be independent while having support from the university just steps away. Benefits of living in a dorm or on-campus include: chance of meeting people, safety, convenience, activities, and not having to move furniture.

Living in a dorm room means you will have hundreds of roommates all working toward the same goals. You will have the chance to meet new people every day, sometimes by just washing clothes. It is also true that you are safer living on campus as opposed to living on your own away from campus. Being new to an area can be scary, but with campus police your safety is their number one concern. Living on campus can also be convenient with the library, classes, and dining halls all within walking distance. Another reason to consider living on campus is the realm of activities most campuses host for students. You could see a movie, join a club, or a sports team. The last reason living on campus is beneficial is because furniture is provided by the university. Imagine not having to move your bed, dresser, desk, or chairs when you move in.

Going to college is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself, but it can be scary and confusing. Deciding to live on campus can alleviate some of the stress and worry you may have. So consider living on campus in the dorms and get the full college experience.


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